DPA’s Cat of the Month – July: Meet Mystique!

Mystique.  Not to be confused with the superhuman X-men character, she is a very special cat!  Maybe she got her name because she has a fascinating aura of mystery about her or maybe she’s chock-full of charisma.  We don’t know, but we know this much, she’s a wonderful little kitty.  Mystique is a female Domestic Short Hair/Tortoiseshell mix who came to Dallas Pets Alive! with a litter of six kittens. She’s been living with her foster mom since that time and is looking for a forever home.  

Mystique is a pretty cat with a distinctive look. She has light green eyes and a tortoiseshell coat that is multi-colored brown, black and white.  One side of her face is a mottled brown and the other side is black so she always looks like she’s standing with her right side to the sun. It’s a look that suits her well and could easily be adding to that aura of mystery she’s so famous for.  She’s a young cat, about two years old.

This special cat is also a people-lover.  Mystique is gentle, has good manners and a sweet maternal side.  She’s been a great mom to her six kittens and according to her foster, is the perfect house guest who likes to use a scratching post.  She’s very affectionate and loves to sit with you.   

When she isn’t cuddling with you, Mystique can be found sitting near a window in the sunshine or sweetly giving face snuggles.  We think she may have been hanging out with some canines because get this, she comes when you call her name.  Not your average feline!   We here at DPA think she’s got everything she needs to be a great companion.

Do you think Mystique could be your special forever friend?  Apply to adopt her today. Now through the end of July her adoption fee is only $17.76!

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