DPA Cat of the Month – September: Meet MINA!

Her full name is Miss Mina Murray, but you needn’t be so formal. Just call her Mina!  She’s a cat’s cat who won’t turn down a chance to play with other felines, has a soft heart for kittens and a

unnamed 2
Mina and her foster brother Mewkiss.

whole lotta love to offer her human family, as well.  

Mina is a young Domestic Shorthair/Mixed with tuxedo markings and gold eyes.  She was part of a feral colony of cats and was rescued by DPA when she was a small kitten. Because she was too young to be returned to the colony, she was accepted into our foster program.  

Mina is a broad-minded feline who enjoys being a part of her peer group and even embraces the companionship of canines of all sizes!  Her ability to make friends wherever she goes has made her a popular playmate who likes to be near humans, too, just not necessarily in their laps.  She will greet you by rubbing against your legs, follows you around the house and will talk to you with a very cute, tiny meow when you get her dinner.

The way to Mina’s heart is threefold: socializing with her cat and dog friends, playing with her fishing pole toy (she comes running when she sees you with it in your hand) and eating savory, meat-flavored cat treats.  If you want to be entertained, this could be your cat.

Mina would do best with another cat to play with and she needs some patience in order to overcome a bit of shyness and develop some confidence.  We know that she will give back much more than she takes. Could you provide the happy ending to Mina’s story? If so, apply to adopt her today.

Now through September 30 her adoption fee is 50% off! 

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