DPA Cat of the Month – January: Meet OLIVE

This sweet little cat can talk up a storm, keep you entertained with her playful antics and curl up on your lap to give you loads of affection.  Meet Olive! A spritely, young black and brown Tortoiseshell/Mixed, Olive is full of life and looking for her forever home.

It might take Olive a while to get used to you, but once she overcomes her initial shyness she will become a playful, affectionate companion who will follow you around the house and even greet you at the door in the evening!  She’s described by her foster as easygoing, loving and curious. Her favorite activities are carrying her toys around and chasing them all over the place. You’re sure to be entertained by her antics. 🙂

When this little cutie is ready to relax, she is more than happy to curl up next to you on a chair or a bed.  When she’s into serious relaxing, she can be found kneading her special blanket, especially if you are underneath it to get a kitty massage. We think she’s one loving cat.

Do you think you could make Olive the newest member of your household? Olive is 50% off through January. Apply to adopt Olive here or email adopt@dallaspetsalive.org.

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