Board Member Spotlight: Chris Skoog

 Meet Our Board Member: A Passionate Advocate for Animal Rescue 

We are thrilled to introduce one of our dedicated board members and Chair of the Development Committee, Christopher Skoog, has been a driving force at Dallas Pets Alive for the past five years.

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Inspired to broaden their impact in the animal rescue community, Skoog joined our board with a mission to spread the word about animal rescue and save as many lives as possible. One of their most memorable experiences has been volunteering at our DFW Pets Are Family quarterly vaccine and food drive, making a significant difference for both pets and people in need.

As a board member, Skoog has been actively involved in various aspects of our mission, fostering dozens of animals and volunteering at numerous DPA events. His hands-on approach has provided him with a profound understanding of our organization and how it achieves its mission.

Skoogs goal during his time on the board is to bring greater awareness to animal rescue in North Texas and to amplify our mission’s message. He believes that Dallas Pets Alive can continue to make a positive impact by collaborating with our partners in the DFW area and exploring new ways to serve the community.

On a personal note, Skoog and his wife Sally are proud pet parents to three cats – one DPA alum and two kittens they rescued.

Join us in celebrating Christopher Skoogs unwavering dedication and passion for animal rescue! 

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