BestyBnB and DPA! Are Building a Pet-Friendly Network of Nonprofits in DFW

No one should have to let go of their best friend because they’re experiencing a crisis. This is a core belief of both BestyBnB and our Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program, where our mission is to keep pets in their homes, and out of the shelters. But to keep pets and their people together, sometimes that means we need to bridge a gap through temporary foster placement. Temporary fosters provide pets with a safe haven within a loving foster home, while their owners take time to get the help they need — whether they’re escaping a domestic violence situation, entering treatment for mental health or other medical reasons, or trying to get back on their feet after experiencing other bouts of extreme hardship like financial or housing insecurity.

Our PASS program recently partnered with BestyBnB to help bridge the gap between animal welfare and social services organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so we can help even more of the pets and their families within our community in their time of need.

What is BestyBnB?

BestyBnB is an impact-driven technology platform that connects animal welfare organizations with social services agencies like domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, mental health organizations, and other non-profits to help secure safe, temporary homes for clients’ pets while they are experiencing a major hardship. In the last few months, BestyBnB has helped its agency partners provide 3,500+ safe nights for owners’ pets during their time of crisis, with a 100% return-to-owner rate. 

BestyBnB: bridging the gap between social services and animal welfare

BestyBnB’s mission is to eliminate barriers to life-saving care for people in need:

  • 50% of abuse victims who call an emergency hotline end up refusing the help they need, because they can’t bring their pet(s) with them.
  • Less than 5% of domestic violence shelters can house pets on-site.
  • 70% of the pets left behind when a survivor seeks safety for themselves, are tragically abused or killed in retaliation.
  • 71% of mental health patients declined the life-saving services they needed because they didn’t have anywhere for their pet(s) to go for the duration of their treatment.

70 out of every 100 households own a pet. Pets are family, and no one should have to leave their family behind in times of crisis.

Dallas Pets Alive’s PASS program is the only one of its kind in North Texas, and we’re leading the way as the first organization partnering with BestyBnB in the DFW area. BestyBnB’s mission fits in seamlessly with the efforts of our PASS program, and by joining forces, we’re building an extended network of pet caregivers that enables us to help more families going through challenging situations. This partnership will ensure that the beloved pets within our community have safe, temporary foster homes available and an opportunity to be reunited with their families when the time comes!

How it Works

By joining BestyBnB as a pet caregiver, you can help us with our mission to prevent pets from being surrendered to shelters, and keep them connected with their families during difficult times. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to join the BestyBnB network as a caregiver and complete their application process.
  2. Set your own rates to earn extra income. (You’ll keep 100% of the rate you set!) You can also choose to donate or discount your services to non-profits like DPA!
  3. Choose your availability by setting your schedule and the type/number of animals you would like to foster through the BestyBnB platform. 
  4. Our PASS team will coordinate placement for pets in need of a temporary stay with trusted BestyBnB caregivers like you!
  5. When their family is back on their feet, pets will be joyfully reunited with their owners!

This partnership allows us to coordinate more safe nights for these pets, providing them a safe haven and ultimately reuniting them with their loved ones. Your commitment and compassion can make all the difference in ensuring these pets find their way home when the time comes.


Can I really get paid to help people and pets in need?

Yes! As a pet caregiver with BestyBnB, you can either choose to donate your services to animal welfare organizations like DPA! or you can choose to charge a fee, keeping 100% of the rate you set! This rate is covered by your partnering organization; the family in need is never charged for the help they receive.

As a caregiver, you may also choose to set a separate rate to offer pet grooming, daycare, or boarding services to the general public, potentially earning $600 to $3000 per month by charging modest fees. 

Who pays for pet food, supplies, and vet services if they are needed?

Once paired with a pet(s) in need, caregivers may choose to donate food, supplies, and/or vet services for the animals under their care. However, our PASS program resources can cover pet food, supplies, and vet care if you require assistance. (Services offered to the general public are not eligible for PASS-covered resources.) 

How do I become a pet caregiver through BestyBnB?

All new caregivers will go through a thorough application process through BestyBnB, which includes training materials and a background check.

Existing DPA! fosters interested in signing up through BestyBnB must complete their application process. 

How do I know if a pet is the right fit for my home?

As a BestyBnB caregiver, you will review a pet’s profile to learn about their temperament and any special needs. If the pet is a good fit, you can choose to accept the request! 

Caregivers also have complete control over setting their availability, and the number and type of pets they are able to foster.

Will my identity remain confidential?

Yes! BestyBnB is committed to protecting the identity and location of all caregivers and clients connected to the program through partnering non-profit organizations. All identifying information will remain confidential. 

To keep messaging confidential, all communications regarding the pet(s) under your care will be handled through a liaison affiliated with your partnering organization.

Your profile will only be visible on if you choose to offer your services to the general public.

How to Get Involved

If you’re ready to open your home and your heart to pets and families in need, please consider signing up as a caregiver today through our PASS program’s collaboration with BestyBnB!

Questions? Join Us for an Upcoming Virtual Event with BestyBnB!

BestyBnB is hosting 2 info-packed presentations with us, where you can learn more about how to get started:

Building a Pet-Friendly Ecosystem with Dallas Pets Alive! and BestyBnB, Tuesday, February 6 from 2-3:30pm

Building a Pet-Friendly Ecosystem – Tuesday, February 6, 2pm-3:30pm

Join us for Building a Pet-Friendly Ecosystem, a virtual event where we’ll explore innovative strategies for creating a more pet-friendly network throughout the DFW community. By creating an ecosystem where Social Services Agencies and Animal Welfare Organizations can collaborate with the support of BestyBnB, we can work together to help more people and their pets in their time of need. Register online here.

Fostering Community & Pet Advocacy with Dallas Pets Alive! and BestyBnB, Thursday, February 8 from 6-7pm

Fostering Community & Pet Advocacy – Thursday, February 8, 6pm-7pm

Join us for Fostering Community & Pet Advocacy, a virtual event where we’ll dive into ways to strengthen our community’s support for pets in need of a safe haven until they can be reunited with their families. Learn how you can sign up to become a pet caregiver and foster pets during their owner’s time of crisis. Register online here.

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