Another Letter from Laz

Dear Megan and my DPA foster friends,

Hi! How’s it going?! I hope you’re having a really great summer! My summer has been awesome so far because I GOT ADOPTED!!

It’s so crazy. I remember when my foster mom first came to the animal shelter to get me. I wasn’t feeling so great, and I was really scared to go to a new place. They gave me these shots that hurt a lot, and I had to take pills and stay in the crate a lot. BUT then my foster mom fed me really tasty food and gave me a warm place to sleep with a blanket just for me, and I started to feel better!

I tried to run away a few times, but now I’m glad my foster mom always caught me. She kept telling me that I would find a family of my own with kids and a yard, and now I have one!!! My new mom’s name is Julie, and she’s really nice. She has two kids named Ryan and Courtney who play with me, and my new dad Will says I’m going to look really intimidating to burglars…even if I’m too friendly to be a guard dog.

Here are some pictures of me with my new family:

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So…life is pretty great. I’m going to miss seeing my foster sister Chloe, and I’m going to miss making friends with little kids at adoption events, but I’m really excited to start my new life.

So before I say goodbye (or just “see you later!”), I just wanted to say thank you. I heard my foster mom on the phone, and I know I didn’t have much time left at the shelter. Thanks to you guys at DPA, I didn’t just get a few more days—I got a whole life. I got a chance to be happy.

I promise I’m not gonna waste it. I love my new family, and I know they love me—maybe even as much as my foster mom loves me! 😉

So…keep doing what you do, and I’ll go on lots of walks in your honor. No more heartworm for this gentle giant! From here on out, I’m a healthy boy with a giant, grateful heart.

So…see you later, ‘cause I’ve got a whole lot of years left.

Love and treats,

Lazarus Saqueton (A.K.A. Laz)


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