2018 – The Year of the Dog and What that Means for You!

By Natalie Jacaman

If you were waiting for a sign to adopt a dog, this is your sign for the next year. Starting February 16th, 2018 we will be in the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. In the Chinese calendar every year is represented by one of twelve zodiac animals in a twelve month cycle. Each twelve year cycle is designated with an element rotating between metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. This year, 2018, is represented by an Earth Dog. The last occurrence of a Dog was in 2006, and the last Earth Dog was in 1958! This means that anyone born during this year will inherit the Earth Dog characteristics of being communicative, serious, and responsible – much like famous celebrities, Madonna and Michael Jackson, who were both born as Earth Dogs!

According to Chinese Astrology a Dog would never do an immoral thing, and would rather suffer than cause an inconvenience to others. When making friends, a Dog goes to great lengths to get to know others, and will maintain a faithful relationship once trust is established. Earth signs are similar in that they are grounded, stable, and loyal in all situations. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect companion to add to your life?

Chinese Astrology may not be 100% accurate for everyone or every Dog, but it is something to consider, especially when it is said that when a Dog shows up to your house they will bring good fortune! This fortune may come in the form of teaching you how to be more like them (good-natured, ready to help), or it could mean something more.

For example, real-life dogs have brought immense fortune to several owners since the last year of the Dog in 2006. Instagram has made it possible for pets to become world famous with millions of followers, resulting in book deals, and related products for profit. One particular dog in this scenario that we love is Tuna, @tunameltsmyheart, because he was rescued by his person at a farmers market. He stuck out as being perfectly imperfect with a noticeable overbite, ears that overpower the size of his head, and a coat that appears like he’s not wearing anything at all! Tuna’s Instagram allows us to see his daily life and all the fun that he and his owner have together (walks on the beach, playing dress up, long lunches, nap time), and this has ultimately led to a book deal and a life that takes him on adventures across the world. Not only is he a gift to his owner, his followers have also found great happiness in his story and he has helped countless fans through darker times in their lives. One woman has said that Tuna helped her overcome her fear of leaving the house just to meet him. Talk about bringing good fortune from the moment Tuna appeared!

That’s only one instance how a dog has impacted the world from the last year of the Dog until now. What will you make happen this year? Let’s make sure it’s the best year of the Dog yet – whether that means taking on more “Dog” characteristics, letting every dog feel truly loved, or even creating your own online account for them to celebrate your adventures together. Dallas Pets Alive has hundreds of perfect dogs waiting to enjoy life alongside you with their trusting, stable, and loyal personalities. If you can’t adopt now, we hope that you can consider fostering and/or donating to assist with the care of these positively life-changing pets.

Let’s make 2018’s Year of the Dog the best that any dog has ever seen!

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