Stella VI (New Digs)

Age: Adult
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female

Meet Stella VI (New Digs)!

Meet Stella VI, our loyal and smart foster dog. She is a mixed breed dog who looks like a border collie mixed with pit bull, maybe labrador. The vet marks her age around 5 years old. She has had at least one litter of pups that we know of. She is now spayed. She is black with white on her face, chest, and feet like a border collie. She holds her ears up like a border collie. Stella weighs 75 pounds. She is currently on weight management food, but honestly, she is not overweight, just stockily built.

This dog is incredibly loyal and affectionate. She makes great eye contact and likes to be near you. She loves snuggling. Our adult son found her on the streets of downtown San Antonio near his office building. At the time she had 1 live pup with her and he found others near by that had been possibly mauled by another dog. He adopted out the puppy and kept Stella in his apartment. She learned to trust him and became a good companion. She jumps like a deer when he is around and stands at the window watching for him. He recently got married and Stella could not come with him because she was not able to live with his wife’s dog. His wife’s dog is very territorial and Stella could not safely live there. So, we brought her home with us so that she would not end up in a shelter. Currently, we are working with her on being calm enough to enter a home with other dogs. She is up to date on all vaccinations and is on doxycycline for heartworms. She is also microchipped.

Stella loves walks. She knows how to “heel” and does not pull on the leash. She is a joy to walk. We live in a neighborhood with large lots and very few privacy fences. So she can see other dogs behind “farm fences” and is perfectly calm walking by even if that dog is barking. The only time she is anxious around other dogs is if they are loose, or coming straight at her. Then, she back peddles and starts to bark. We are teaching her to “leave it” and walk away on the leash without barking. She is picking that up very quickly. She knows “sit”, “stay”, and “lay down”. The other morning on a walk, a neighbor’s loose dog came running toward her barking, she was able to listen and obey and keep walking. That was a win! She is really smart and learning quickly. Stella is great with kids. We have a 4year old who lays on her and bosses her around and Stella is so patient and gentle. She is nervous at first greets, but gets friendly right away. Stella will snuggle up with you any chance she gets. She loves to lay at your feet. She is very loyal.

Stella is potty trained and crate trained. She is leash trained. We use a lead line which works very well. She does not do well with the vest harnesses. They make her want to pull on your leash. We would love to see her in a home with kids. We are working on training her to be with other dogs, but as of right now, she would do best as the only dog in the house. She would do great in a home with a fenced back yard, but she does great inside. We do not have a fully fenced yard and she is happy on a long leash attached to the swing or on my screened in back porch. She never chews on things. She always wants to chase our cat, but in her defense, Stella is inside and the cat kind of taunts her from outside all day long.

We would keep her if we were in the season to have a big dog in the house. But we are actually in our early 50’s and in the process of adopting our 4 year old. We have 5 other kids of various ages and are just too busy right now to give her the attention she deserves. She is companion ready. She has the perfect temperament to be someone’s forever buddy. She is smart, so smart. We are sad to have to rehome her, but it is best for her future. She has shown herself to be a fine fit for an apartment too. He would leave her free in the apartment all day and she always greeted him with excitement and never tore things up while he was gone. When my son would travel, he would hire a service to take her potty and she did just fine. I would love to see her with a family because she is only 5, but she would do amazing with anyone who will love her. She will love back big. Stella is a gem. She is already trained and understands companionship.
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If you have a specific question about Stella VI, then please email If you are interested in applying to adopt this pet, fill out the application at the link above.

Stella VI is participating in the Dallas Pets Alive rehoming program. All of the medical, behavioral and other information about this pet was provided by the pet’s owner. Dallas Pets Alive encourages all adopters to verify the information prior to adoption. Please note that Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is acting as intermediary to connect prospective adopters with individuals wanting to rehome their pets. DPA is not liable for any information provided about this pet and the adoption transaction is purely between the pet owners and adopter. DPA is not responsible for any damages, injuries or adoption returns as a result of any adoption transaction. DPA! is not responsible or liable for any animals involved in its New Digs program. DPA! acts solely as a facilitator of adoption between the animal’s surrenderer and potential adopter and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the animal’s medical or behavioral history provided by the surrenderer.

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