Niko (New Digs)

Age: Adult
Breed: American Shorthair
Gender: Male

Meet Niko (New Digs)!

Meet Niko, an affectionate and curious kitty looking for his furever home! Niko is a 2 ½ year old male adopted as a kitten from a rescue agency in Wisconsin. He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccinations.

Since kittenhood, Niko has delighted in both play and snuggles. He is happy to chase the laser dot around the house, but afterwards he wants to sit in your lap, purr, and nap. He is also very intelligent – his favorite game is for his owners to hide mice stuffed with treats around the house for him to find. No matter where you hide it (including up the chimney!), Niko will find it! He loves attention, and he greets any house guests at the door, expecting some pets in exchange for his hospitality. Niko has not been around dogs or cats before, but he is very gentle and patient with children. He is fully litterbox trained and does not scratch furniture.

In order to thrive, Niko needs lots of attention and love. When he does not get enough interaction, he gets anxious, and he expresses his anxiety by overgrooming the fur on his belly. Consequently, he has some bald spots on his tummy! He would do best in a family that offers him daily cuddles and playtime, has enough space for him to explore, and is open to a sleeping companion at night. Niko’s current owners love him dearly, but some new family dynamics have rendered them unable to continue to care for him.

This cuddly and playful boy is deserving of a furever home! Could it be with you? Adopt Niko today!

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If you have a specific question about Niko, then please email If you are interested in applying to adopt this pet, fill out the application at the link above.

Niko is participating in the Dallas Pets Alive rehoming program. All of the medical, behavioral and other information about this pet was provided by the pet’s owner. Dallas Pets Alive encourages all adopters to verify the information prior to adoption. Please note that Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is acting as intermediary to connect prospective adopters with individuals wanting to rehome their pets. DPA is not liable for any information provided about this pet and the adoption transaction is purely between the pet owners and adopter. DPA is not responsible for any damages, injuries or adoption returns as a result of any adoption transaction. DPA! is not responsible or liable for any animals involved in its New Digs program. DPA! acts solely as a facilitator of adoption between the animal’s surrenderer and potential adopter and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the animal’s medical or behavioral history provided by the surrenderer.

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