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In a collaboration with NewsFix at CW33, we are pleased to present Ruff Life, a weekly segment featuring either an adoptable dog looking for a home, or a dog that was living the Ruff Life, but has already found their forever home.  Tune into CW33 at 5 and 9 on Wednesday or check here for updates.

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As Seen on TV: Gus, Elliot, Charlie, Zephyr, & Lady Guadalupe

If you’ve tuned in to watch the Ruff Life segments on The CW33 on Wednesday evenings, you might see a few familiar faces here. That’s because these six magnificent dogs were each featured for their own 15 minutes of fame, and are somehow STILL adoptable with Dallas Pets Alive! 

Ruff Life: Al Green’s Greatest Hits

Al Green was in pretty bad shape when Dallas Pets Alive! found him. He was underweight, tatted with battle scars and heartworm positive. With the help of his amazing foster family, his foster sister Betty, and his adoptive dad’s huge heart, he landed a spot at the top.

Ruff Life: Float on, Lady Guadalupe

Heartworm positive and homeless, Lady Guadalupe landed a wonderful foster family just in time for the holidays. But before Dallas Pets Alive! took her in and got her the medical treatment she needed to get healthy, she had a pretty tough time and ended up in the shelter.

Ruff Life: Now NOLA can let the good times roll!

NOLA is a special pup and, much like her namesake city New Orleans, has overcome obstacles and risen high on the other side.

After being hit by a car and being taken to our partners at Vet Ranch for surgery, NOLA became an honorary member of the Dallas Pets Alive! tripod club. A few days later she went home to her foster family who quickly fell in love and adopted her.

Ruff Life: Peanut clears heartworm hurdle, lands in fureverland

Peanut, fka Gidget, soared through Dallas Pets Alive! foster life, received life-saving heartworm treatment, and found a new life and a new name! Now she’s running with the big dogs in her agility classes and reaching thousands of adoring fans through her popular Instagram account @peanutthemutt1.

Ruff Life: It’s Zephyr’s Time to Shine

She’s a fashionista, a tree hugger, a swimmer, a hand shaker, a dog lover, maybe not a pig lover, and most of all a smiler! Looking for the perfect dog to join your family? Look no further! Miss Zephyr is your girl.

Ruff Life: Elsa is Ready to ‘Let Go’ of Her Past

When she showed up at Dallas Animal Services, it was like she was frozen. It reminded them of a young Elsa, her namesake, in Disney’s Frozen, turning everyone away while hiding out in her room. The circumstances, though, were much different.

Ruff Life: The Force is Strong with Jakku

You may remember Kennedy. He was struggling to get his campaign for a “fur-ever” home off the ground with his partner Jackie O. “They were pretty much bald from a bad case of mange,” says Haley Edman, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive! “Everybody kept passing them up.” Thanks to some medicine and TLC, Kennedy and Jackie […]

Ruff Life: MarGogh (Now Miuccia)

MarGogh, named after the artist Vincent van Gogh, was found with one of her ears missing. It was badly infected, and Dallas Animal Services knew they had to act fast.

Ruff Life: Pumpkin

Pumpkin was a new mom living on the streets before she was picked up by Dallas Animal Services. Her puppies quickly found homes, as they normally do. However, she was left on the rescue list. Dallas Pets Alive! picked up this sweet momma thanks to one of our wonderful foster parents.

Ruff Life: Emma

Emma was found in ruff shape. She was heart worm positive with two cherry eyes. Dallas Pets Alive! got this sweet spotted beauty fixed up and adopted out quickly. Now, Emma lives in her FURever home where she even adopted a cat that looks just like her!

Ruff Life: Jack

Jack was found underweight and suffering from heart worms when Dallas Pets Alive! rescued him. After receiving treatment and love, this sweet boy bulked up to 70 pounds of muscle.

Ruff Life: Jackie-O & Kennedy

Jacquenline Onassis and Kennedy were owner surrendered to Dallas Animal Services because of a bad case of mange that the owners could not afford to treat. Dallas Pets Alive picked up these sweet siblings with the help of a long-tim foster. Now, they are medically clear and awaiting their FURever homes.

Ruff Life: Katniss

Katniss was owner-surrenedered TWICE to Dallas Animal Services. We weren’t sure why because she had no medical problems. She has found her FURever home, and the odds couldn’t be any more in her favor!

Ruff Life: Banjo

Banjo, now known as Bodie, was picked up by Dallas Animal Services as a matted mess. He looked more like a muppet than a dog. After DAS gave him a much needed hair cut, Dallas Pets Alive scooped up this handsome fellow because of a wonderful foster. He is now living out his doggie yoga days in his new adopted home.

Ruff Life: Lacey Lou

Lacey Lou was picked up by Dallas Animal Services with her litter of puppies. All of her puppies were adopted, but she was left on the rescue list. Dallas Pets Alive scooped her up with the help of her foster mom. Is your home the one for this sweet girl?

Ruff Life: Lemon

Lemon was microchipped and found herself at Dallas Animal Services. When DAS contacted her owners, they said they no longer wanted her. Well, Dallas Pets Alive scooped up this sweetie, and DPA found her a FURever home!

Ruff Life: Minerva

Minerva was found with her three pups by a good samaritan. She found herself at Dallas Animal Services malnourished. A foster mom took her and her three pups in. All of her puppies have been adopted, but this sweet girl is still waiting for her FURever home.

Ruff Life: Pete

Pete had a badly injured leg when Dallas Pets Alive rescued him from Dallas Animal Services. Now he is running around on three legs, happy as can be.

JAGGER’s Got the Moves

Jagger showed up at DAS with puncture wounds and was very shy. Now he is healthy after being rescued by DPA and looking for a FURever home. Is that home yours?

Ruff Life: Mickey

Mickey is heart worm positive and cannot receive treatment in boarding. Can he crash with you while he awaits his FURever home? Let Mickey join your club. Check out his Ruff Life Story Here!

Ruff Life: Cooper

Cooper was found with a T-shirt on, so we were sure his family would claim him. This wasn’t the case, so a foster from Dallas Pets Alive rescued Cooper just in time. Unfortunately, the foster’s dog attacked Cooper, so he is now living in boarding around many barking dogs. Can he crash with you?

Ruff Life: Flower

With no shortage of love to give and a face full of freckles, Flower is ready to be your new best friend. Could you give this wonderful girl a chance? Check out her Ruff Life Story, here.

Ruff Life: Sydney

Being a stray dog landed Sydney in the shelter but it was her fearful demeanor that put her in danger of euthanization. It wasn’t until a set of great foster parents took Sydney into their home to give her a second chance that she was finally able to find the happy ending she truly deserves. […]

Ruff Life: Zella

In poor healthy and visibly neglected, Zella was lucky to land in a foster home with Dallas Pets Alive. But it wasn’t until her mystery illness was solved that she was able to enjoy a healthy life. Check out Zella’s Ruff Life story here.

Ruff Life: Chester

Chester was a blind stray who ended up in the shelter and it wasn’t until some wonderful fosters stepped up to save Chester that he was given a second chance. Watch his Happy Tails story in this week’s Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Kensington

Surrendered by her previous owners and abandoned at the shelter, Kensington has beat the odds by landing in a wonderful foster family. But this lovely girl is looking for a permanent home where she’ll be loved and cared for the rest of her days. Check out Kensington in this week’s Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Lady Bug

Almost left to starve on the streets, Lady Bug was rescued just in time. This sweetie is healthy and thriving in her foster home but she’s ready to find a forever home to call her own. Check out Lady Bug in this week’s edition of Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Genie

Sweet pittie Genie found herself on death row but the day she was scheduled to be euthanized, Dallas Pets Alive stepped in to save her. She eventually found a wonderful home to call her own. See her Ruff Life story here.

Ruff Life: Hazel

From life on a chain to the chance of being a healthy, happy pet – Hazel is showing it’s never too late to break free. See her Ruff Life Story Here.

Ruff Life: Wilson

Wilson landed at Dallas Pets Alive with a goofy grin that turned out to be a broken jaw. Find out how he recovered and ended up finding his ‘furever’ family on this installment of Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Eevee

Eevee was a stray dog who stumbled upon a Dallas Pets Alive adoption event. Little did she know, this would be the start of her new life. Check out her Ruff Life story to learn what makes her the perfect addition to your family.

Ruff Life: Phoenix

Phoenix had a ruff start to life but with the help of a wonderful foster mom, she survived and even found a furever home at the same time. Check out Phoenix’s amazing story in this week’s Ruff Life. 

Ruff Life: Ava

Ava was an expectant mother when Dallas Pets Alive found her a loving foster home to take her in but when the babies were ready to arrive, Ava faced some life-threatening challenges. Check out Ava’s amazing story on this Ruff Life story.

Ruff Life: Spuds

Spuds was a pup in need: sad, skinny and suffering from mange. That’s until an amazing foster saved his life and ended up making him a permanent member of the family. Watch Spuds on Ruff Life here.

Ruff Life: Paige

She’s athletic, lovable and even though she’s large – the perfect lap dog! Meet Paige and find out why she should be your new best friend in this edition of Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Bonnie

Bonnie was an abused and neglected junk yard dog before a good samaritan stepped in to change her life forever. See her amazing story on this week’s segment of Ruff Life.

Ruff Life: Hercules

Sweet Hercules and his story of survival will make you smile in this week’s installment of Ruff life. Check it out here!

Ruff Life Update: Fritz

As you recall, Fritz Fernandez was one of our first available foster dogs featured in Ruff Life a few months back. Now, Fritz is happily enjoying his very own forever home. Find out how Fritz is doing in this Ruff Life Update.

Ruff Life: Timber Jack

Timber Jack was once a lonely stray looking for his chance out of the shelter. Now part of the Dallas Pets Alive family – Timber is now looking for his forever home. Check out Timber Jack featured in this Ruff Life segment.

Ruff Life: Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna, aka Maddie, by her former foster family gave birth to a big litter of puppies – all named after Beatles songs. After seeing all of her puppies find new homes – it was Lady M’s turn to find her very own happy ending. See how Lady Madonna runs in this this latest edition […]

Ruff Life: Homer

Homer was blind and homeless before ending up at the shelter but this sweet dog is far from hopeless. Check out Homer and his inspiring story in this week’s segment of Ruff Life. 


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