Pluto (New Digs)

Age: Adult
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male

Meet Pluto (New Digs)!

Say hello to the majestic Pluto. He is a 3 year old, 12lb black and white shorthair domestic cat, that will keep you active then cuddle with you next. I got Pluto when he was 2 weeks old. He was in a small basket with his litter of siblings at my college’s town animal shelter. He was the only b&w kitty amongst the rest and I had to get him for my own. He was so sweet and so cute from the jump. Pluto lived and grew up in my college apartment for 2 years. Once I graduated, I moved back home and he adapted well to the new environment of being around other animals. We currently live in my apartment with 1 roommate and no other animals.
Puto might come slightly chunky but don’t let his size fool you, he loves to play.

Pluto enjoys a game of chase & LOVES to hunt mice. He gets along with other cats and dogs & will even initiate play! When Pluto and I lived back at my parents, he lived with 2 other male cats and 1 female dog. Pluto admired playing with our dog and kept mutual respect with the other cats. Whenever he’s not playing around, he’s either snuggled in bed or looking for you for affection. He doesn’t mind belly rubs and soft strokes on his back, but his favorite thing is belly rubs.

An ideal home for Pluto would be one with minimal to no animals already living there. The home be clean enough for him to be comfortable (he’s not used to clutter and might get anxious/hide and won’t respond to his name being called). Most importantly, a home that has a loving and attentive caregiver willing to take my baby in and make him feel as special and unique as I have treated him.

Pluto is house trained and basically an indoor cat. When I take him to my parents, he does explore the backyard (gated), but other than that, he’s used to a patio. If the ideal home is upstairs, Pluto does know his limits and can be unsupervised on patio/balconies. You don’t have to worry about him jumping or anything. Same rule goes with car rides. He’s not the biggest fan of riding in the car (might meow here and there), but after a while, he just sits and chills for the ride. He loves looking out the window and seeing the world outside.

Overall, Pluto is one of a kind. He’s very special to me and can bring great joy into your life. Pluto deserves the purrfect furever home, could it be with you? Apple to meet Pluto today!
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If you have a specific question about Pluto, then please email If you are interested in applying to adopt this pet, fill out the application at the link above.

Pluto is participating in the Dallas Pets Alive rehoming program. All of the medical, behavioral and other information about this pet was provided by the pet’s owner. Dallas Pets Alive encourages all adopters to verify the information prior to adoption. Please note that Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is acting as intermediary to connect prospective adopters with individuals wanting to rehome their pets. DPA is not liable for any information provided about this pet and the adoption transaction is purely between the pet owners and adopter. DPA is not responsible for any damages, injuries or adoption returns as a result of any adoption transaction. DPA! is not responsible or liable for any animals involved in its New Digs program. DPA! acts solely as a facilitator of adoption between the animal’s surrenderer and potential adopter and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the animal’s medical or behavioral history provided by the surrenderer.

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