Dart II

Age: Young
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull
Gender: Male

Meet Dart II!

Meet Dart!

Poor boy got brought into the shelter as an injured stray at a Dart station (hence the name!). Even upon intake he was noted as sweet and interactive despite his injuries. As the shelter was not equipped to deal with his injuries DPA swooped in and saved this amazing boy!

Looking for a furry friend who’s not just cute but also a shining example of resilience? Dart’s your pup! This little guy has bounced back from life’s challenges with a heart full of love and a tail that never stops wagging.

Here are a few things that make Dart truly special:

Rock Solid with Dogs: Dart’s social skills are top-notch! He’s like the canine ambassador, always respectful and well-behaved around his fellow four-legged pals. Whether it’s a playdate or meeting new furry friends at the park, Dart knows how to make everyone feel welcome.

Smart and Trainable: Dart’s intelligence shines bright! He’s eager to learn and would thrive in a family that appreciates the joy of training sessions. Just five minutes of training can be incredibly fun and bonding for both of you!

Adventure Partner Extraordinaire: Need a sidekick for your next big adventure? Dart’s your guy! He’s proven himself to be a great companion in all sorts of situations. Whether it’s navigating a bustling brewery or chilling under a table while you enjoy a burger with friends, Dart handles it all with ease.

People-Oriented Sweetheart: Dart is a true people pleaser! Once you’re in his trusted circle, he’ll shower you with attention and loyalty like no other. His big, floppy ears may catch your eye, but it’s his charming personality that steals the show every time.

Ready to welcome Dart into your heart and home? Come meet this adorable bundle of resilience and see for yourself why he’s the perfect addition to any family!

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