Age: Senior
Breed: Poodle
Gender: Male

Meet Pierre!

Introducing Pierre, one of the most gentle, loving, well-behaved senior dogs you will ever meet. He is a miniature poodle mix, with a demeanor that will melt your heart.

Despite being older, Pierre enjoys going for brief walks, or playing in the yard. On occasion you might see him take interest in a stuffed doggy toy, here or there-but what he longs for -and loves the most is being around people.

He is full of doggy kisses, snuggles, and cuddles! He adores affection from anyone –old, young, big or small, as long as a warm, caring hand is near.

Pierre might be small, but he has one huge heart, and an even BIGGER amount of loyalty and love to share!
If your available to open your home to a very special senior dog, look no further than Pierre! He is more than ready!

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