Mystic (New Digs)

Age: Senior
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Gender: Male

Meet Mystic (New Digs)!

Meet the Majestic Mystic! He is an 8-year-old, 10-pound longhaired domestic cat with the softest hair I’ve ever petted and the good sense to not jump on kitchen counters! I adopted Mystic at 5 weeks from the City of Ft Worth Shelter, and picked him because he was playing with a scrap of paper in his cage and he felt like a ball of cotton!

He is up to date on his rabies vaccinations, FeLV negative, neutered, chipped and not de-clawed. He has always been extremely healthy, eats only dry food, and likes to drink from the bathroom faucet.

Mystic is a pretty laid-back kitty who loves to relax. He is an inside cat but loves to go out for a little each day and teach the birds and lizards who’s boss around here. He has never been around other animals and has been a spoiled rotten only fur-baby since I got him. He has not been good with children or strangers. He demands lap-sitting time each evening and lets you know when you have not given him enough attention and pets. He will also let you know when he’s had enough attention and pets. An ideal home for Mystic would be one where he is the only attention-craving soul.

Mystic is litter trained, can tell time with amazing accuracy, will chase a laser, sit in any box, and will eat all the treats, all the time. He is well-behaved, doesn’t climb, and only knocks small, unbreakable things off desks. He loves to roll around on concrete and survey his land holdings, as long as he is the biggest thing in the yard.

I adopted Mystic for my mother-in-law, who was living with us and had always had cats. She passed on after a few years and Mystic stayed behind. We are leaving the country in retirement to travel full time, and he would not work in that lifestyle. Mystic is not the most warm and cuddly; he doesn’t like being held and probably won’t curl up next to you most times. He’s very independent and not needy but will show love to his chosen human. If you are looking for a companion, he’s great at that. I think he’ll need patience and love to adapt to a new place and I know this will be hard for him. I just want him to have a nice life and not end up in a cage, or dumped outside.
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If you have a specific question about Mystic, then please email If you are interested in applying to adopt this pet, fill out the application at the link above.

Mystic is participating in the Dallas Pets Alive rehoming program. All of the medical, behavioral and other information about this pet was provided by the pet’s owner. Dallas Pets Alive encourages all adopters to verify the information prior to adoption. Please note that Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is acting as intermediary to connect prospective adopters with individuals wanting to rehome their pets. DPA is not liable for any information provided about this pet and the adoption transaction is purely between the pet owners and adopter. DPA is not responsible for any damages, injuries or adoption returns as a result of any adoption transaction. DPA! is not responsible or liable for any animals involved in its New Digs program. DPA! acts solely as a facilitator of adoption between the animal’s surrenderer and potential adopter and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the animal’s medical or behavioral history provided by the surrenderer.

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