Miller (New Digs)

Age: Young
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Gender: Male

Meet Miller (New Digs)!

Introducing Miller, the Big Baby! Miller celebrated his 1st birthday in December and while he’s a large dog, weighing in around 110 lbs, he hasn’t quite figured out that he’s that big. Awkward, goofy, and a little clumsy, Miller is still figuring out how to move in his tall lanky body. He loves to cuddle and demands attention oftentimes pulling and playfully biting at his sister if she’s the one getting cuddles. He gets jealous when he’s not the one getting the attention, sometimes voicing that jealousy with a bark or grabbing at his sister’s leg to annoy her enough to move on, which does work most of the time. He tries to fit into spaces on the bed or couch that he can no longer fit into but it’s all for the love. Animated with his ears and face movements when you speak to him. I’m sure actively listening for his favorite words, “treat”, “food”, “car ride”, or his most favorite “doggie day care”.

Miller is 74% Great Pyrenees, 8% Anatolian Shepherd Dog, 4% American Pit Bull Terrier, 3% German Shepherd Dog, 3% Maremma Sheepdog per Wisdom Panel results. The results also showed that he is clear of many conditions that could impact early vet visits. He is up to date on all vaccines. His annual shots will be due at the end of March. He takes monthly Heartguard and Nexguard for fleas and ticks. He regularly goes to the groomers to get his nails clipped. He has two dew claws on his back legs that I am able to file down without much resistance. He is great at the vet. Everyone is always impressed at how easy he is to work with. I took him in a few months back because he was limping. They didn’t require any sedation to take x-rays. He just laid there and let them do what needed to be done. The vet reported that he probably just sprained it playing at doggie day care. He has since healed. Overall he’s an easy go-lucky kinda dog, going with the flow. He is microchipped, crate trained, and potty trained.

Miller has gone to the Pooch Hotel in Richardson on and off since April for the all day dog play. They report that he gets along with all the dogs, playing and having fun the majority of the day. He’s been around kids and small dogs a little with no issues. His foster family that had him also had kids, cats, and other dogs and reported no issues. I’ve taken him on walks at parks with lots of people and dogs and he just wants to be friends with all of them. I’ve also taken him to dog parks and he plays with everyone. He walks on a leash but still needs some work to not pull. He thinks that everyone he sees should come and pet him and love on him. He enjoys being active but he doesn’t always need to be, curling up on the couch or bed is highly preferred.

Overall Miller is a great dog but he does have some issues (mostly because of lack of training, lack of activity, and lack of consistency on my part). He likes to use his voice – to go outside, to get attention, to tattle on his sister when she’s doing something she shouldn’t, and when he hears other dogs in the neighborhood barking. He doesn’t bark on walks or car rides mostly at the house. He digs in the backyard not to get out but to get a smell I’m sure. He also likes to chew on the tree in my backyard and pull limbs off to chew on. He’s chewed on a rug in the living room and chews out the stuffing in his bed in his crate. Most of the chewing has been minimized by keeping Benebone bacon flavored Wishbone Tough Dog Chew toy handy. He knows some basic commands like sit, house (what I use to get in his crate), food, treats, inside, and come. Most, besides “house” and “treat”, are sometimes inconsistent. He knows them but doesn’t always respond. He is highly food motivated. You involve treats and he will learn. He has picked up on my non-verbal cues such as when I load my belongings in the car while he is still out of his crate means that he’s going for a car ride somewhere or turning off lights before heading to work means it’s time to go to his crate because I’m leaving without him.

Miller loves love and wants to please. He’s easy-going, snuggles, and unintentionally goofy. A face and personality that draws you in melting your heart and giving in to belly rubs and kisses. He will be your best friend, your soft comfy support on sick days, and brighten your smile on rough days. Apply to adopt Miller today!

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If you have a specific question about Miller, then please email If you are interested in applying to adopt this pet, fill out the application at the link above.

Miller is participating in the Dallas Pets Alive rehoming program. All of the medical, behavioral and other information about this pet was provided by the pet’s owner. Dallas Pets Alive encourages all adopters to verify the information prior to adoption. Please note that Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is acting as intermediary to connect prospective adopters with individuals wanting to rehome their pets. DPA is not liable for any information provided about this pet and the adoption transaction is purely between the pet owners and adopter. DPA is not responsible for any damages, injuries or adoption returns as a result of any adoption transaction. DPA! is not responsible or liable for any animals involved in its New Digs program. DPA! acts solely as a facilitator of adoption between the animal’s surrenderer and potential adopter and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the animal’s medical or behavioral history provided by the surrenderer.

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