Maximum Overdrive

Age: Adult
Breed: Shepherd, German
Gender: Male

Meet Maximum Overdrive!

Meet Maximum Overdrive A.K.A. Max! Max is a 3 year old, 70 lbs Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepard mix. Max has the willingness, drive, and intelligence to go anywhere you want him. He is a super confident and intelligent dog, meaning he picks up on new commands very quickly. He currently knows his name, sit, down, is crate trained, and potty trained. He currently sleeps in his crate when we are not home and all throughout the night. He only makes a peep when he needs to go potty. Even after only 3 short weeks with us, Max has also started picking up on commands like spot, drop, tug, leave-it, heel, “with me,” come, leash pressure, and target (hand to nose boops). He has also worked on not running out of his crate or out of the door without us giving the “free” command. He will sit in his crate with the door open until released. He will also sit in front of the backdoor until released. We are also working on other barriers such as no jumping on the furniture until invited and not entering the kitchen.

Max is also a high-energy dog who loves to play. He loves to chase balls in the backyard (though he will not bring them back), and he LOVES to play tug with a tug toy. We have been using a tug as a part of play/training and he is very respectful with the toy. He is learning drop, and after he drops the toy, he will not go for it again until you give him the “tug” command. He also loves when you drag the tug on the ground of him to chase.

Beyond his intelligence, drive and playfulness, he is also very loving. He is a classic Velco and lap dog. If you sit on the floor, he will come and sit right on your lap and wait for scratches and pets. He loves to follow his people around the house and loves when you come outside with him. He, however, does not show any separation anxiety when you leave him in the crate and will not make a peep. His favorite places to be scratched are right behind the ears and on his floofy neck.

Beyond all of that, Max is also one of the cutest most photogenic dogs I have ever met. He takes awesome photos and would make someone a perfect addition to the family Instagram or photoshoot. If Max sounds like the perfect mix of energy, intelligence, playfulness, cuteness, and cuddles, feel free to set up a meet-and-greet!

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