Amelia II
ID: 6400
Age: Kitten
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Amelia II!

Amelia is a kitten with lots of love to offer. She is black and white with gorgeous green eyes--the only kitten with green eyes in her litter. Playful but chill, Amelia does well with cats, dogs, and kids. Of the multitude of traits possessed by Amelia, one of the cutest is that she will follow her human around--she'll chase you down the hall and supervise your activities. When Amelia plays, she is independent, but she might grab at your ankles sometimes. She LOVES food; it is the key to her tiny lil heart. She also enjoys using her voice. Amelia has a lot of spunk, but it is a lowkey kind of spunk. Amelia deserves a home where she has space and time to relax. She is a good candidate for travel; however, she will likely meow the entire time. Amelia doesn't want to miss out on anything... and you shouldn't miss out on Amelia!

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