Mona Lisa
ID: 5830
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Mona Lisa!

Meet Mona Lisa, a hilarious kitty who is ready for her fur-ever home! Don't let her RBF fool you (That is Resting B*sh Face for those who don't know) - she is usually quite sweet despite her facial expression always looking annoyed. She was rescued from a local shelter, where she was surrendered as her former owner could no longer care for her.

Despite her epic RBF in her photos, she can actually be a very loveable and social kitty who really loves to be with her humans. She has never met a stranger, and is always eager to hang out with new guests. She is a pretty laid back gal who enjoys a good nap near a sunny window and the occasional romp with a wand toy or ping pong ball. She does have her moments of "cat-itude" telling humans to back off living up to her constant RBF when she has had enough petting.

She is not a big fan of being picked up, but will cuddle up to you on the bed and sofa - on her terms of course 😉 Mona is estimated at 5 years old and loves to sleep in the bed near her humans' heads. She is litter trained and loves to use her scratching post. She would prefer to be the only pet, as she is not a big fan of other fur babies. Mona still thinks she is a kitten at times, and tries to "nurse" bedding and clothing while gently making biscuits which is both adorable and hilarious.

She has a gorgeous thick and shiny striped coat. Looking for a kitty who will always want to be by your side and keep you laughing? Then apply today to adopt Mona!

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