ID: 5639
Age: Young
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair
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Stevie cannot wait to take in the world with her tiny eyes. Meet Stevie, the Bear Grylls. She's the first out the door, to explore, of the three sisters, yet she's the gentlest of the bunch. Stevie would be great with kids - she'll let you pick her up without notice. If she must, Stevie will even drink medicine without complaint - not a single retracted claw in sight. Like her sisters, Stevie loves getting on your lap, so you must be prepared to become a pillow if she catches you sitting down!

Stevie is available for pre-adopt only at this time as she is not old enough to move to a forever home, but applications can still be completed. Applications for pre-adopt are processed in the order they are received. Stevie is estimated to be available late June.

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