Luna FKA Laurie
ID: DPA-A-4722
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Luna FKA Laurie!

For the love of Luna! Please be my forever home and rename me because I am anything but a Luna. Lovah? Leslie? Londyn (because spelling London with a Y is wayy more fabulous!)? Lydia? Lavender? Take your pick! I am a petite-sized kitty who hasn't met a hand she doesn't want to rub on, roll over for, or love. I love attention. No. Really. L-O-V-E attention. Stroking? Yes please! Ear scratches? You bet! Chin rubs? Does a bear poo in the woods?! Of course chin rubs!! We will have eternity to love one another once you fill out my adoption application so what are you waiting for?

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