ID: DPA-A-4462
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Boxer
Size: Large
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Meet Brindi!

Brindi has a huge heart and a calm demeanor. She appreciates love, nurturing and attention. She just wants to be a loved loyal companion to someone. She has a beautiful striped brindle coat and a big boxer smile. She loves belly rubs, sweet talk, and to cuddle up in your lap or at least by you. She is playful if you are interested but can self-entertain or nap and lounge around when you are busy. She enjoys walking the neighborhood or around the lake and does well on a leash. But she is just as happy to just watch you do laundry or transition to a total couch potato for a relaxing evening watching TV. Brindi loves a car ride with you. She is pool aware, and although not an interested swimmer, does like to do a downward dog yoga bow while standing on the first step to wet her belly on hot days. She is polite, curious, and bonds with kind people so strongly. She can need a few minutes to warm up to someone new- but with a little reassurance of no ill intent toward her, she makes friends with anyone who is nice. She will put herself out there to test the waters after just a few minutes of calm introduction. She is concerned or shy if there is too much loud ruckus and may be scared of very young children. She is easy and a happy go lucky type once comfortable. She remembers people who were kind to her in the past and greets them back each time. She listens and responds well to kind direction. She is easy to please. Brindi loves her evening chew and will dance when she sees you going for the bag. She is grateful for little extras like taking whipped cream directly from the can! Who taught her that? She has wonderful house manners and does not need a crate or supervision when you are away. Brindi does well with adults, older gentle children and elderly. She loves her biological sister, Rhombus, but also does well as an only dog or with other dogs of all sizes. Brindi has funding for her adoption fee to help her find the perfect loving person or family.

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