ID: DPA-A-4157
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
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You know how some cats will play hard to get before giving you their attention? Not Boomer. This four-year-old gray tabby loved on his foster mom from day one. He stole her heart and she's sure he will steal yours, too! Boomer followed his foster mom home one day, and he was so cute and friendly that she decided to keep him while she finds him a forever home. Since then, he's been a great houseguest! He is litter box trained and gets along well with dogs. He loves to hop onto laps and take a long snooze. His foster mom says he's just a friendly, nice cat. His ideal home is anywhere he can sleep on a lap! Snuggling and snoozing are his favorite activities. This friendly kitty deserves the perfect forever home. Could it be with you? Apply to adopt Boomer today!

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