ID: DPA-A-4149
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Terrier, Rat
Size: Small
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Meet Prudence!
Give a warm "Hello!" to little Prudence! This gal is a 6yr old rat terrier, with the cutest scruffy black coat, and funny bat ears!! Prudence seems to be new to being a domestic pet, and her foster mom has made lots of progress with her already. She likes her walks on the leash, is learning to kennel quietly, and getting the hang of going potty outside. This girl will do best as an only-home dog, OR with someone who has experience introducing a new pet to their other resident dogs. A quieter, low key home would also suit Prudence better, since she is older, and doesn't like too much activity going on. Sometimes she acts like the "fun police" -haha! She likes to pass the time being a couch potato, with you, or flopping on her belly for rubs! She has a cute little stretch, she likes to do across her person, for attention, too! Look for her "Circus Dog Routine" when your cooking-she will balance on her hind legs for a peek! All in all, Prudence has come a long way, in a short time, from being a stray dog, with an uncertain background, to a foster pet-learning to play fetch, tug of warwith toys, and slowly adapt to living in a proper home, where she is nutured and cared for. Who is ready to give Prudence all the love, and continue to show her how wondeful it is to be in a caring furever home?? She is definitely deserving of a bright future!

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