ID: DPA-A-3736
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Leia!
This sweet girl is looking for a furever home! She is one of a kind! At first, she may take some getting used to her new Mom or Dad and surroundings, but once she gets comfortable her personality is something else. She doesn't meow much but makes the most adorable chirping noises. She's not the biggest fan of being picked up but will come to you when she wants cuddles and pets and will bury herself into your lap or the side of your leg as close as she can get. Her tail has a mind of it's own, whipping around almost like it doesn't have bones. She has been able to stay with one of her brothers that we have been fostering as well, so she would have no problem going to a home that will be shared with another cat. She has not been around any dogs, therefore we cannot guarantee how she would react in that situation. She is medically cleared to be adopted and is ready to join her furever family!

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