Arrow (New Digs)
ID: 80
Age: Young
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Large
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Meet Arrow (New Digs)!

Meet our lovable Arrow. Arrow is a 12-month-old mixed-breed pup with a sweet disposition and striking amber eyes. She was adopted as a 6-week-old puppy from an animal shelter and my daughter picked her out from a litter of puppies because of her calm demeanor and her beautiful brindle coat. From her looks, people have guessed that she may be a pit-shepherd mix. At 55 pounds, Arrow is lean and strong and as fast as, well, an arrow.

Arrow was raised with a thirteen-year-old Chihuahua, a very bouncy nine-year-old Chi/min-pin mix, and an extremely laid-back cat. She loved playing with Beans, the Chi/min-pin. They were great friends and were evenly matched in energy level. Both were prone to getting the wild zoomies and running around like maniacs. Puggles the Chihuahua tolerated the antics of those young goofballs, occasionally grousing his disapproval if they got too rowdy. Arrow loves playing outside, especially fetch (she’s a natural!) and tug-of-war. She tries to chase the cat, but the cat won’t cooperate by running away. At the end of the day, Arrow loves to climb up on the end of my recliner and snooze until bedtime.

Arrow is very smart and eager to please, but I am not a very good trainer. She is crate-trained and housebroken and never has any accidents, but I have only taught her to Sit and Stay. She sits like a champ, though! She is a very good watchdog. She is not a very vocal dog, but she barks whenever she hears an unexpected sound outside or if she sees something through the window. Also, she tends to jump on people when she first sees them. She will definitely need additional training.

It pains both me and my daughter to part with Arrow because we love her very much but something happened in our house that changed the dynamic of our pets’ lives. Some weeks ago, our little Beans escaped our yard and was killed in an auto accident. My daughter was inconsolable. After a little while, we adopted another puppy, a lab mix we call Louie. Louie is a ball of crazy and she absolutely loves playing with Arrow. She jumps on Arrow and bites her cheeks and Arrow is somehow both gentle and rowdy with her. Sometimes Puggles would trot on over to grouse at them. And then, one day that seemed just like any other day, Arrow bit Puggles. Because Arrow is a 55-pound dog and Puggles is a Chihuahua, this is why we feel that we must rehome Arrow.

Even though we don’t think she would be a good fit for a household with small, fragile, or elderly pets, Arrow loves active play and would probably do great with other dogs as long as they basically matched her in size and energy. We think Arrow is such a wonderful girl with so much to offer the right person or family. She is loving and devoted and sweet-natured. She is playful and eager to please. She would be a great fit for an active person or a family with older children. If you are that person or family, please apply to adopt sweet Arrow today!


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