Chief (New Digs)
ID: 77
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Breed(s): Boxer
Size: Large
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HI! My name is Chief, and I am 5 years old. I am a boxer/hound mix. I love to play with my toys and run in the yard, but I also like to lay around and snuggle. I am protective and have a deep bark when I see someone suspicious. I am 65lbs and enjoy chasing birds and squirrels when I can. I like to fetch sticks and balls if someone will throw them to me. I sit and lay when you ask, and I’ll even shake your hand if you want me to.

I am very cautious when I see new things in my environment and when I meet new people. But I warm up quickly and I am very loving. I need a new home because I was kicked out of my family. The reason that I was made to leave was that I was not trusted around the two-year-old baby anymore because I was afraid of her and tried to get away when she wanted to play with me. And my mom was expecting a new baby in a couple of weeks and decided she will not be able to care for all of us.

I spent the last two years living most of the day inside my mom and dad’s closet in a kennel. I had to wait for someone to come home from work and let me outside or to feed me. I was given food and water in the evening when I was allowed out of my closet. I lived with my dog brother, Baxter, who I spent my entire life with until I was kicked out. Baxter was able to stay living in the closet and I was sad not to be with him anymore. I was sad for quite a while even though my new foster home was much better. I actually got lots of attention, but I still missed my family and my bro, Baxter.

When my foster mom, a family friend, picked me up, I had a sore on my ear that was the size of a nickel that no one even cared about. It kept bleeding when I would shake my head. I also had an ear infection that was not treated. My sore almost turned into a hematoma because it had not been taken care of by the only people I had known and loved. Luckily, my new foster mom took me to the vet, and I was treated, and my ears healed with time.

One nice day, my foster mom visited my old family and asked if I could play with my brother Baxter, but I was not allowed to go into the yard. My dad? My previous owner? would not let me visit him because he said that it wouldn’t be good for the family, and they had already broken the bond between them in that short amount of time. I was just forgotten like I had never existed.

Now it’s time to move on, I guess. I am looking for a new family/owner that will let me snuggle and pretend to be a small dog. I hope I get to play with lots of toys and prove I AM a good boy. Thank you for considering me.


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