Trigger (New Digs)
ID: 162
Age: Young
Sex: Male
Breed(s): Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Large
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Meet Trigger (New Digs)!

Our daughter’s dog, Trigger, is a very loving, smart, well behaved, and beautiful dog. He loves people and children plus they love him. He also loves other dogs and enjoys being with them except for large aggressive male alpha dogs who have attacked him in the past.

He’s very smart and takes directions well. For example, we allow him to get up on our couch with us, but not our bed. When he wants to get up on the couch, he will look at us and then the couch, and back at us till we tell him he can get up on the couch. He’s gotten up on our bed once when we had gone to bed and I told him to get down. He did immediately and hasn’t tried to get on the bed since. He always goes outside to do his business. He loves his tennis ball plus his squeaky toys and never bothers anything that’s not his. He has a beautiful shiny black coat with a white chest and paws plus a white dot on his neck.

Unfortunately, our daughter is no longer able to keep him. Thus, we currently are taking care of him till we can find him a new home. Since we live in an apartment in a retirement community he has to be on a leash when he’s outside. So, he can’t run and chase squirrels and rabbits like he could when we had a house with a nice large back yard. He loves to go on walks plus he likes to play in the apartment with his ball and squeaky toys. The rest of the time he lays around or sits on our apartment’s outside porch.

Trigger is five years old, weighs 74 pounds, is up to date on all his shots, has been neutered, and has a registered tracking chip.


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