Ginger (New Digs)
ID: 119
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Breed(s): Jack Russell Terrier
Size: Small
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Meet Ginger (New Digs)!

Meet the loveable and irresistible Ginger. She is a mix of Beagle and maybe a little terrier or Jack Russel, and is a well behaved lover of people and children! She was adopted from the Arlington animal shelter approx. 7 years ago. She is approx.. 15 pounds and has a very sweet temperament. She absolutely adores her humans, even the little ones and always wants to have her belly scratched or have her head lying on you.

She can still be very playful for her age but sometimes she prefers just lying around and being loved on by her favorite humans! She loves going for walks and car rides are her absolute favorite!! She loves to hang her snout out of the window and take in all the smells around her and feel the wind in her face. She currently lives with 2 kittens and is super curious about them and is not aggressive at all towards them. She has lived with 2 other dogs in the past and does well with other dogs once she gets warmed up to them. She loves cuddling but sometimes doesn’t like to be hugged. She has never been aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Ginger has had training and walks very good on a leash. She is housebroken but just like any other dog, will have an accident if not let out to do her business. She is extremely intelligent and knows basic commands, sit, come, stay. She gets very in tune with her family. She loves sleeping in her own comfy bed or on pillows or blankets all curled up! She even likes to sleep if allowed snuggled on the bed or burrowed under the covers with her humans.

Ginger will make a fantastic companion for a family with or without kids. Or an older couple with a quiet home. She just wants to be in an environment where she can be spoiled! Apply to adopt Ginger today!


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