Cyber Monday Adoption Special!

Cyber Monday Adoption Special!

For Cyber Monday, all online application fees for adult animals are 50% off! This applies to both cats and dogs listed below. Don’t miss your chance to save some cash and a life this Monday.






*Applications must be received by 11:59 PM CST on 11/27/17. All applications are subject to standard Dallas Pets Alive! screening and approval process.


  1. I was wanting to adopt Louise 11. My neighbors have 2 schnauzers and one is blind.I visit her now and then and I’m amazed how she gets around. Knowing how she gets around in spite of her blindness, It’s something to behold.

    • Hi Nora, thank you for reaching out about Louise. Sorry for the delayed response, but we’d be happy to answer ant questions you may have about her. Would you please fill out an adoption application for her at so we can get you connected to the right people? Thanks!


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