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In a collaboration with NewsFix at CW33, we are pleased to present Ruff Life, a weekly segment featuring either an adoptable dog looking for a home, or a dog that was living the Ruff Life, but has already found their forever home.  Tune into CW33 at 5 and 9 on Wednesday or check here for updates.

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Ruff Life: Marlon Brando

From the mean streets of Dallas, to a wonderful new home in Ft. Worth – see how Marlon Brando makes it into his very own family. Check out Marlon Brando’s Ruff Life segment here. 

Ruff Life: Stevie Nicks

Severely neglected and with no eyesight, this little white shih tzu was helpless but not hopeless. Stevie Nicks was named after the crooner for her soulful demeanor and after some much needed TLC, this blind dog was given a second chance. Catch up with Stevie and her new mom, in this week’s segment of Ruff […]

Ruff Life: Caramel

Caramel is looking for a new home where she can be the sweet spot of the family. She’s available for adoption and was recently featured in her own Ruff Life Segment. Check it out!

Ruff Life: Fran

After her owner passed away, Fran was in need of a foster home with someone to help address her weight issues and see her through heartworm treatment. After just a short time, Fran has improved and still awaits her forever home. Check out her Ruff Life story here. 

Ruff Life: Tank

Loveable Tank is hoping to find his forever family soon, but before he can do that – he needs a foster home that can provide love and care. Check out Tank’s Ruff Life story here.

Ruff Life: Cosmo

Saving a life and giving a second chance, Cosmo’s story will warm your heart in this week’s Ruff Life. Check out his beautiful story here. 

Ruff Life: Ivy

From neglected and troubled to an amazingly adjusted dog – Ivy has come a long way thanks to a wonderful adopter who never gave up hope. Check out Ivy’s Ruff Life story here. 

Ruff Life: Rajah

From hopeless to hopeful – despite having one leg amputated, Rajah shows us all what it truly means to be a survivor. Watch his inspiring story here. 

Ruff Life: Buggs

Blindness never stopped Buggs from enjoying life and it certainly didn’t stop this sweet girl from finally finding the perfect family! Check out Buggs inspiring story here.

Ruff Life: Ruby Sue

Shelter life wasn’t kind to Ruby Sue but this extraordinary pooch needed a second chance. That’s when Dallas Pets Alive found an amazing foster to help her find a furever home. It wasn’t until after she was rescued, the group soon realized that Ruby Sue suffered from a laundry list of health issues that needed […]

Ruff Life: Izzy

From the streets of Dallas to a chance at a new life. Izzy ended up at the shelter when she was picked up as a stray with her companion dog, Ichabond. With only each other to rely on, these two sweet dogs needed a miracle…fast. That’s when Dallas Pets Alive stepped in to save Izzy […]

Ruff Life: Shorty

Some of the many special foster dogs we are able to save have more problems to overcome than others. When it comes to unique issues, it’s hard to find one that tops Shorty. Aside from being abandoned at the shelter by his previous owners, Shorty faced another perplexing problem: pooping in his sleep. But with […]

Ruff Life: Beau Blue

Suffering from heartworms and utterly on her last leg of hope – Beau Blue was saved from the shelter just in time. Her knight in shining armor and new foster dad carried her in his arms out of the shelter to begin her new journey. Thanks to the steadfast dedication from Beau Blue’s foster family, […]

Ruff Life: Briley

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, Briley was homeless and the victim of a hit and run. Thanks to wonderful foster parents and volunteers, Briley has completely healed from her road rash wounds and is awaiting her furever family. See how her journey of recovery has changed lives.  Check out her […]

Ruff Life: Alastor

Alastor was named for his doppleganger, Mad Eye Moody, since they are both missing an eye! But that didn’t stop Alastor from finding his forever home. Check out his story here:

Ruff Life: Fritz

Fritz had a Ruff Life to start out, and now he’s looking for his forever family to give him the love he deserves. Check out his story here:

Ruff Life: Penny Lane

Our first Ruff Life happy tails story features Jenny, now known as Penny. Penny had a ruff start in life, but has found happiness thanks to a lovely forever home! Check out her story at:

Ruff Life: Long Shot Lucy

Our first Ruff Life segment features Long Shot Lucy. Check out her story for more:  

Presenting… Ruff Life!

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Newsfix over at CW33. Every week we’ll bring you a new story about a DPA dog that may have started out with the Ruff Life but is now either looking for their forever home, or already adopted and living the good life! Check out the Ruff Life […]


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