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Hi, my name is Westminster Dog Show!

Adult Medium Male
German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

Westminster Dog Show is so named for his one floppy ear that looks like it just, well, it looks like it just fell over. Westminster Dog Show is a 5 year old German Shepherd mix, with a brown brindle coat, short white socks, and a bobbed tail.  His bright, alert eyes and graying around his muzzle give him a rather distinguished appearance.

Westminster Dog Show is a very mellow fellow…

Westminster Dog Show was given several extensions at the shelter because the behavioral team had little more to say than, “This is just a great dog.” Westminster Dog Show is a confident old chap, and he needs a family that matches his confidence without adding a lot of undue enthusiasm. Westminster Dog Show’s  ideal family is calm and structured, and just like any other dog, his forever home should establish clear boundaries.

Westminster Dog Show has wonderful leash manners, and is very food motivated and smart.  He is completely house trained. He just wants to be near you and be loved on, but when you are away, he does not make a PEEP! We could go on and on about how wonderful Westminster Dog Show is, but we think you’ve probably got a pretty good idea by now.

See Westminster Dog Show in Action!

Westminster Dog Show was also featured on a weekly segment called Ruff Life on CW33. Check out the segment here!


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