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Hi, my name is Photoshopped Bieber!

Adult Large Male
Boxer / Mixed

Photoshopped Bieber, or “Biebs” is a lovable, brown, male boxer mix. He is about 4 years old, he weighs 67 lbs., and he is housetrained. He’s done great with older kids (+5 years) in a few meetings but has yet to been around any younger kiddos in his new foster home.

Though Photoshopped Bieber is a boxer, he is more of a lover than a fighter. He loves to snuggle and cuddle up to you and will even move your arm to nestle in—he’s basically a big ol’ lap dog Photoshopped Bieber is a perfect mix of active and easy going. Although he is very playful and loves his tennis ball and rope, he also enjoys lying down and taking frequent naps throughout the day. Photoshopped Bieber is very obedient; he listens to commands such as sit or lay down and is incredibly friendly and devoted company to have around.

One of his cutest habits is his hyperactive tail that will immediately start to wag if you look in his direction or make eye contact. Photoshopped Bieber is a strong, healthy,and well-built dog with a cute, slightly wrinkled face that resembles a mastiff’s. An ideal home for Photoshopped Bieber would be with a caring owner who enjoys either walking or even running (Biebs loves to do either) as well as the occasional relaxation or down time (Bill loves to snuggle). He would do best in a home as the only pet.

Photoshopped Bieber is the perfect dog for anyone looking for a lasting companion with which to share both life’s active and quiet moments.


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