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Hi, my name is Mardi Gras!

Adult Small Male Chihuahua / Mixed

Most often foster parents choose their dogs – but in this case it was Mardi Gras who chose his.

Mardi Gras’s second chance began when he followed his foster mom and her dogs home after their morning walk. They decided to take him to Dallas Animal Services as a solution. But lucky for Mardi Gras, this family picked him up the very next day to give him a real shot at finding him a family of his own.

When you first meet this 13-pound pooch, you can’t help but notice his expressive eyes – telling a story of survival and a deep need to find the love and devotion he truly deserves. Described as having a big personality, Mardi Gras makes his foster parents laugh daily with his sweet and amusing demeanor. But his list of talents – doesn’t stop there.

Mardi Gras is a champion cuddler and loves nothing more than getting attention from people. He is a true companion that loves to snuggle and is the perfect lap dog.

Aside from loving on humans he’s familiar with, Mardi Gras also loves going on walks and playing fetch with his rubber ball and if he doesn’t have a companion to play with – that doesn’t stop him. Mardi Gras has no problem entertaining himself and would do well in a home as a single dog, but would enjoy a home with a companion animal just the same.

As a bonus, Mardi Gras is housetrained! Mardi Gras has recovered from heartworms and is young, healthy and ready to devote his life to you.

Are you the perfect fit for this awesome guy? Meet him, to find out!


Help us care for our adoptable pets by providing funds for their care. Below are suggested donation amounts corresponding to specific needs.

$10 – Microchip
$25 – Heartworm test
$50 – Puppy vaccinations
$75 – Spay/neuter one pet
$100 – One day of parvovirus treatment
$300 – Heartworm treatment
$500 – One month of behavioral training


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