DPA’s Dog the Month – October: Meet Rusty!

DPA’s Dog the Month – October: Meet Rusty!

He’s the color of a fall leaf.  He’s a russet-colored Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix with a loving disposition looking for a fur-ever home this Autumn.  Meet Rusty!  

Whether you are making dinner, taking a walk in the leaves, working in the yard or curling up with popcorn and a movie on the sofa, Rusty will be there to be your comfort.  He’s a cuddle-bug who enjoys putting his head in your lap or laying next to you.  

Friendly and even-tempered, Rusty can also be a great companion to other dogs and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like, including the mailman who has been trained to scratch Rusty behind the ears:)  He’s been socialized to live with another dog and seems to be the perfect canine gentleman, knowing when to play and when not to.  He even greets his foster mom with a cute happy howl when she comes through the door each day!

Rusty would love to go for a daily walk, play tug-of-war, chase a squeaky toy, go to the dog park or play with another dog.  Here’s a pup who will help you take a walk on those crisp fall days!  If you can’t get out, he is happy to adapt and play with his favorite toys at home.

Rusty’s clever foster mom has taught him to stay in a crate, sleep on a dog bed, go potty outside, sit, heel, stay, wait for a command before doing his favorite activities and even shake hands — which he learned in a week!  And she thinks he’s capable of a lot more! 🙂  He’s an intelligent dog with a lot of potential.  

Are you looking for a lovable friend who will keep you company this fall?  Rusty may be your dog! Apply to adopt him here. Plus, now through the end of the month his adoption fee is half off! 

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